The Decision to Have an Abortion

Edith Lee

3 Features Of Missed Abortion On An Ultrasound

A missed abortion occurs when the fetus has died but hasn't been expelled from the uterus. On an ultrasound, there are a few distinct visual features that indicate a missed abortion. Here are some key things that might be seen on an ultrasound. Absence of a Fetal Heartbeat  Among the clearest and most definitive signs of a missed abortion is the absence

Ultrasounds And Abortion | What You Need To Know

Ultrasounds are a common medical procedure, especially for pregnant women. In the context of abortion, ultrasounds can be used to diagnose the gestational age of a pregnancy, confirm that it is located in the uterus, and determine how many fetuses are present. This information is invaluable when it comes to making decisions about a pregnancy. Here's a closer look at w

Benefits Of An Ultrasound During Pregnancy

An ultrasound is an imaging technique used by doctors to see the patient's internal organs, tissues, and vessels without using other invasive procedures. It uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an echo that is transmitted to the computer for imaging. It allows doctors to see and identify any issues with the patient's internal organs. Ultrasounds are common durin

How to Care for Yourself Before and After an Early Surgical Abortion

An early surgical abortion takes place in the first trimester and is often done at a local doctor's office or clinic. With an early surgical abortion, you are going to meet with your doctor beforehand. It is important to know how your doctor will take care of you and how you need to take care of yourself after the surgery. Before the Procedure With an early surgical a

3 Options For Abortions

If you think you might be pregnant, having a test to find out whether you are actually pregnant should be done sooner rather than later. The earlier you can confirm a pregnancy, the more options you have if you determine an abortion is right for you. Medication Medication abortions are an option if it has been less than 12 weeks since your last menstrual period (LMP).